Thanks to Earth Fairy Entertainment for donating to our raffle!

Be sure to thank the Earth Fairy team at the picnic while they're keeping the kids busy with face painting, bounce house, and the circus magician performance!  Then, fingers crossed you'll win a gift certificate of $100 toward a bubble show during our raffle!

Thanks to Willems On Main for your donation!

Willems on Main (soon to be Elements) is a neighborhood restaurant in the heart of historic downtown Vancouver, Washington. Guests can expect to find a menu of modern American cuisine with global influence, refined beautiful dishes, local seasonal ingredients from the bounty of the Northwest, an ever evolving menu with care and attention to every detail with every guest in mind.

What's causing the slow down of Portland's real estate market? Millennials growing up or city policy decisions?

We’ve all been caught in a whirlwind of changes to our dear city.  Serious traffic, homeless camps, increasing cost of living to name a few.  While we enjoy the booming economy and abundance of jobs, the changes to our daily lives have not gone unnoticed.  Everyone has been asking for months (maybe years) how much more can the city grow?  We may have finally reached our plateau.  

According to Elliot Njus article in The Oregonian on June 26, 2018 “Portland area’s home prices climb slower in April than those of the anti as a whole for the first time in more than 5 years”.  At Nurture Realty, we’re watching this with a very careful eye & adjusting our expectations accordingly. This type of slowing requires careful monitoring and continuous communication with our active seller clients.  In Elliot Njus previous article from June 18th he says “Homeowners looking to sell, having watched the red-hot run of recent years, are still adjusting to the slower gains.” 

Everyone seems to have an explanation for the market change and most agree it’s the slow down in people moving to Portland.  Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon’s article in the Oregon Business Report states “One likely factor is the aging of the Millennial generation. As members of this mini Baby Boom enter their thirties and look to buy houses and raise families, they seek out suburbs and more affordable metropolitan areas.”  Also noted in the article are increasing taxes, commute times, and burglaries; in addition to underperforming schools and the ever present homeless camps.  

In 2011, the writers of Portlandia claimed Portland is the city where 30 year olds go to retire.  I don’t think they saw this coming. 

Picnic Music Line Up! New Start Time - 2 PM!

Hello, everyone!  I know you're all curious to find out about this years entertainment schedule so here it is!  We've got a full day of music and performances in store for you!  So much in fact, we decided to move the start time to 2 PM!  Snacks available from 2 - 4:30 then we'll have the full BBQ Buffet open!  Bar will be open for the entire event!

2 - 3 PM - Gentle Creatures Performing original compositions and creative arrangements of classic folk tunes.  

3:15 - 4:15 PM - Circus Magician will thrill us with tricks then teach some basics of circus arts.  

4 - 8 PM - Bounce House will be in full swing  - we will have an attendant monitoring the area this year!  Don't forget your towel, it's a water slide!

4:30 - 6:30 - Face Painting 

4:30 - 7:30 - 2 full sets of Ben Larsen!!!  

7:30 - 9 - The Satisfactions (ft. Jeff Sechs of Boys to Gentlemen and Thomas Clifton ) will finish the night off with some funk and R&B classics to get our dance on!