Investing is the act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

At Nurture Realty, we understand that whether you are purchasing a home or investment property, the level of competence and savvy your agent/team brings to the table is a key determiner of a successful purchase. We understand that having the ability to negotiate a strong deal is vital to the success of any investment. We also understand that having a deep understanding of real estate investment strategies and management practices are equally important when successfully guiding clients through the investment process.

We often hear questions from Investors/buyers like these:

  • Doesn’t owning property create too many headaches?
  • Shouldn’t property buyers lay low until prices come back down?
  • Are we experiencing a real estate bubble?
  • Is real estate still a good investment?
  • With the market so overheated, should I start switching investments back to stocks and bonds?
  • Will property prices to stop appreciating?
  • Won’t stock market outperform all other types of investments over the long run?

Although these types of questions will continue into the indefinite future, we believe history has proven that real estate is one of the best investments around, and will continue to be so for years to come. For example, below are some of the key benefits that can be found when investing in single-family homes, duplexes, quads, apartments, and commercial spaces:

  • Value Increases (Appreciation)
  • Value Creation (Property Improvements)
  • Instant Gain at Purchase (Bargain Prices)
  • Mortgage Payoff (Amortization)
  • A dependable & growing flow of income (Cash-flow)
  • Government Benefits (Tax Credits, Deductions, Rent Vouchers, Special Loans)

We understand that each of these benefits must be carefully managed and considered when developing a successful investment acquisition plan. That’s why at Nurture Realty we leverage knowledge, experience, and professionalism to provide the best, most consistent investor experience possible. We know what it’s like to invest your hard-earned cash, while hoping for a worthwhile result. We understand how to calculate and interpret NPV, ROI, GRM, and CAP rates, and we understand how to apply that knowledge for a successful investment purchase. In addition, our hands-on approach with our own personal investments has provided us with a unique perspective, an unparalleled level of savvy, and a working network of service providers we make available to you for all of your real estate management needs.

Whether you are looking for cash-flow properties, fix and flip properties, hoping to successfully navigate a 1031 exchange, or interested in developing commercial space, we have your needs covered. Give us a call today!