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We thought that you clearly had our best interests in mind & would want to work within our vision and that you both loved your jobs.  We didn't feel pressured.  Buying a home is an emotional process - if we were going to amend our ideas, which we did - we felt you gave us that freedom.  We felt that way from start to finish. — The Fishers

Caring! I felt that Nurture cared that we got into the right house.  I wanted to give up and Nurture kept ME going. Nurture also made sure we got our house ready and in the best shape to sell.
The Barretts

‏Eric has helped us buy and sell several properties over the last 10 years. He has always been professional and incredibly responsive... I have great respect for his ability to make buying and selling seem effortless which makes the process as stress free as possible. We have recommended him to everyone we know who has considered buying a home. He is fantastic! — Hilaire Nachtrab